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Term Two Concludes

As we come to the end of another school term, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, our parents. We have wonderful families at our school and your partnership and dedication to our students' is appreciated by our staff team. It is a strong partnership between home and the school. This term, it's been heartwarming to see students speaking life into their friends, offering words of encouragement, support, and positivity. These interactions create a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and inspired to take risks and develop as a person. Together, these elements form the foundation of a vibrant and compassionate school culture that we want to build on. I also just wanted to say a big thank you to our amazing staff for all your dedication, passion, and commitment to our school, our students, and families. Your hard work and enthusiasm truly make a difference every day, and we’re so grateful for everything you do to create a warm and inspiring environment. Thanks for being awesome!



Strategic Planning

During Term 3, we will begin developing a new strategic plan that will shape our school for the future. I am looking forward to inviting you to join us in its development by sharing your insights, ideas, and what you value for our school's future. Your feedback is important in ensuring that our strategic plan reflects the needs and aspirations of our entire school community. There will be opportunities for you to participate in surveys, focus groups, and planning sessions in the coming months. Our students will also provide their feedback and thoughts on what they value in our school. Together, we can create an inspiring and dynamic learning environment that prepares our students to thrive in an ever-changing world. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey and are eager to see the positive impact it will have on our school and most importantly, our students.


Have a fun-filled break

As we head into the break, I hope you have the opportunity to create wonderful memories together. May this time be filled with joy, relaxation, and fun.

Thank you once again for your continued support. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for another exciting term on Tuesday 23 July.


Yours in Christian service,

Brad Moss

Brad navy


Week 10

Friday 5 July - Gould Swimming permission DUE

Friday 5 July - Community Fun Day and Last Day of Term 2 


Monday 8 July - Friday 19 July  

Term 3

Monday 22 July STAFF PD Day (No students)

Tuesday 23 July - STUDENTS RETURN  

Term 3 Week 2

Monday 29 July to Friday 2 August - K-2 Gould Swimming

Thursday 1 August - Choir competing at Albury Eisteddfod

Friday 2 August - RAS Athletics Carnival 

Term 3 Week 3

Wednesday 7 August - Friday 9 August - 5/6 Canberra Camp

From the deputy desk


Community Fun Day

This Friday students can wear casual clothes (gold coin donation) for our Community Fun Day in which they participate in rotation activities for the day. Our theme is local heritage, with activities about the German Lutheran history in Jindera and Australian Aboriginal culture (as next week is NAIDOC Week).  

Lantern Walk

One of the activities students will participate in for Community Fun Day is making lanterns that they could take with them to Jindera’s Lantern Walk on Saturday 3rd August, gathering at the Pioneer Museum at 5:30pm and walking together with lanterns to the Village Green to enjoy German food, drinks and theatre. Please see the flyer further down in the newsletter for details about this community event, organised by the Jindera Pioneer Museum. The history of our school is a big part of the German heritage in the Jindera area – while this is not an official school event, we encourage our students and their families to be involved in this inaugural cultural celebration. 


What a fantastic night of community fellowship and dancing we had last Friday night in our school hall at our bushdance, led by the band ‘The Tin Shed Rattlers’. We had a great turnout with our hall filled with school families and friends. The Tin Shed Rattlers taught us many new dances and even gave us the opportunity to play some instruments! Thank you to Mrs Aiyana Eames, our Creative Arts teacher, for organising the night and to our friends from Friday Night Chapel for making our sausage sizzle dinner. It was such a fun way for our students to learn about our music and dance from our cultural heritage in Australia, and for school families to get to know each other better. 

End of Term

Thank you for such a full term of supporting our school community! We hope all families enjoy the next two weeks of school holidays and we look forward to seeing all student back for the start of Term 3 on Tuesday 23 July. 

Alison Jafari and Anna-Marie Bothe



Games Club

Every Wednesday the Fox and Brew run a community board and cards games club for kids. Come along and have some fun between 4:00 and 5:30pm! Kristy provides a variety of free snacks, and you can also purchase drinks and finger food from the café.

Peter Reed, Chaplain



Sommer Harris - TheirCare

Last week we said goodbye to Summer from TheirCare. Summer is heading off to Canada and we would like to wish her a safe journey so she can come back to us full of stories about her adventures.

All the best Summer!

We know you will be very missed by TheirCare and St John's staff and especially the students.



TheirCare are very much a part of our St John's Community and we would like to send a special thank you to them for suppling St John's staff with 'after school snacks' during our recent staff training. It was very yummy and staff were very appreciative.





1st Place: Dight (404.83 points)

2nd Place: Goessling (386.16 points)

3rd Place: Luther (363 points)  





On Tuesday and Thursday mornings, the Kinders have Hands-on learning in Literacy. We love it! We set up all sorts of hands-on learning activities that use the skills we have learnt during our ‘On the mat’ sessions with InitiaLit. We have table activities fousing on blending sounds to read them, sounding out and writing words, identifying individual sounds, knowing objects that start with our new sounds learnt, handwriting and fine motor skills. Over the last two weeks, we have been learning the new sounds and characters- /l/ LouLou Ladybug, /j/ Jan Jellyfish, /k/ Kelly Kitten and /u/ Umbrella Up.




Our Year 1 students delved into the concept of measuring the area of polygons using uniform informal units. Equipped with a variety of colourful tiles and blocks, the young learners explored how to cover shapes like squares, rectangles, and triangles to understand their area.

In small groups, the students worked together to fill each polygon with their chosen units, counting how many were needed to cover the entire shape without gaps or overlaps. This hands-on approach helped them grasp the concept of area in a fun and interactive way.  


Our Year 1 students had the wonderful opportunity to lead our school chapel last week. Their enthusiasm and dedication were evident as they took on various roles, from reading passages to leading prayers and songs. Following this memorable experience, the students wrote recounts about what they enjoyed most. Many expressed their excitement about speaking in front of the audience, while others loved singing and participating in the prayers.



During Daily Review students have been successfully adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers on a number line. Over the last couple of weeks we have been revising time and reading analog clocks using ‘quarter to’ and ‘quarter past.’



Last week for our ‘Warm Write’ students had to be creative and write a narrative about a good dream- Phizzwards. We then decorated our own jar and popped them in and sealed them just like in the BFG by Roald Dahl.  


We have continued visiting the Community Garden on a weekly basis and have loved being involved in transforming this beautiful space for everyone to enjoy. At school students have been working collaboratively through the design process and created many items for the garden. We love forward to Thursday where we will be having our show case and sharing our hard work with our families and buddies.




Since coming back from our Melbourne camp, the students have been busy working on their endangered animal research information reports. Our class decided it would be good to ‘create knowledge and awareness within the school community to help endangered animal populations’ (our Driving Question for PBL) by creating a video to inform others. Groups got together and were given the brief to create a short clip. Thank you, Chappie Pete (AKA- ‘I.T. guru’- due to Mr Morey’s absence on paternity leave) for stepping in and organising the filming and editing. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The PBL unit was completed with a piece of writing for our Big Write: Are we looking after God’s creation? Students used their knowledge and ideas from what they have learnt this term, to write their persuasives.

It’s been a busy term full of fun and learning. I pray everyone has a lovely and safe break!



The class were very lucky to have an in-school session with the wonderful teaching staff from Wirraminna environmental education. The staff ran a lesson on endangered native animals which closely links to our PBL unit this term. Students created posters giving information or calling for action on a chosen endangered animal. The school was gifted two nesting boxes and a native plant each to help the local endangered native animal populations. A big thankyou to Toni Terlich and the Petaurus Education Group.

YEAR 5/6


This term, Year 5 and 6 have been thinking deeply about some Australian events that have shaped our history. We specifically explored events prior to Federation. Crossing over with our English unit on factual recounts, the students wrote a script about a specific event. Events like the Gold Rush, Pemulwuy’s Rebellion and even the Tenterfield Oration. The script had to be written to resemble a podcast. After finishing the script, each group spent some time out of class with Chappy Pete to record their podcast, where they gave each other feedback and used plenty of expression to resemble a real conversation about their event. For our showcase, we will release the podcast at the end of next week. Stay tuned!


WELLBEING and the flu season

Flu season

It's that time of year again when coughs, colds and covid are about in the community.

NSW Health advise we are currently in the moderate level of COVID-19.

For everyone to stay well this season please follow the recommendations of the NSW Government and keep your child home when sick.

You can find out more via the following links


Whilst we understand how challenging it is to be called at work, we also know parents value a safe school and we thank you for your support.


speach bubble circle



At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, we are praying for:

Week 9

Lara Male

Poppy & Max Ley

Chad McPherson

Levi Wilson

Philippa & Patrick Louwrier

Louise Kotzur

Week 10

Louise Jarick

Aurora & Piper O’Grady Moll

Emily Proos

Benji Keen

Layla Smith & Madelyn Swift

Brad Moss





Ava Jones - Philippa Louwrier
Year 1

Archie Brandon - Archer Walker

Year 2

Will Jensen - Grace Ross - Evie Pendergast



Little Saints

Piper Tyrrell - Jackson Williams

Judd Miles  - Ella Lewis
Year 1

Lilly Bales - Hannah Thomson  Year 2

Brooklyn Severin - Grayson Cox

At the end of each term, our teachers award two students from their class with a 'Good Samaritan' award. These students are recognised for their excellent attitude towards learning, class participation and all-round kindness among their peers.

CONGRATULATIONS to the following students!


Year 3/4 LK

Elsie Merkel - Evy Groenewald

Year 3/4 PV

Toby Paech - Harper Sutcliffe

Year 5/6 GC

Jaxon Fraser - Louise Jarick

Year 5/6 DB

Matthew Kalina - Elpeth Heinrich  


Year 3/4 LKElsie Merkel - Jim Berry

Year 3/4 PV

Lily Ross - Coby Miller  

Year 5/6 GC

Jett Smith - Scarlett Barber

Year 5/6 DB

Levi Wilson - William Frohling



01/07/24 – 05/07/24

24/06/24 – 28/06/24


Strict 'no hat no play' rules apply at here at ThierCare, so remember to bring one along just in case and we can enjoy the sunshine together outside.


We mixed it up this week, doing lots of different activities such as building a doll house, weaving rainbow fish, using crepe paper to make turtles and lots more! We didn’t stick to any particular theme and the children really embraced this, bringing forth their great ideas as well. The start of the week saw the children super emersed in building a dream doll house. We used lots of recycled carboard that has been collecting here over the last few months and a whole lot of imagination! There is a bit of a way to go before it is complete, but this is a project we can chip away at over time. On Wednesday we made delicious Nachos, adding toppings such as sweet corn, sour cream, salsa, melted cheese and guac! This delicious snack went down a treat and there were no complaints.

On Thursday afternoon we said our goodbyes, enjoying some party food and games and having a laugh at all the great memories. It has truly been a pleasure St Johns, thank you for everything!


Summer Harris

Wow the last week of school already! It has absolutely flown by!

We have lots of fun filled activities planned. We will make jellyfish paper chains, handprint cactuses and origami creations! On Wednesday we are making an all-time favourite…. Rocky Road!!! We thought that this sweet treat would be an absolute hit after a long term 2 and of course being the last week of school! 😊 We will also continue to work on our doll house that we have created using old, recycled materials, which I’m sure we will have plenty of ideas for and no doubt our imagination will continue to flow as we work on each room 😊 Of course with it being the last week of a long term, Friday will be more of a chill one as we head into the weekend and school holidays, it will consist of a movie and some popcorn!






Use the footpath to enter the school


Use dedicated parking bays  


DO NOT walk/ride/scooter through the carpark


DO NOT park in driveways